Welcome to the Central Alberta Historical Society (CAHS)

We are a bunch of history geeks with various backgrounds and of various ages and stages. We host a speaker series on subjects of local and provincial interest, promote and publish historical works, develop educational and programming activities related to Alberta history, and have a lot of fun at all of this! We’d love to have you on Board, or as a member. Membership in the Society helps us be the best we can be!



At the moment, we’re planning our new season, which will begin with our Fall Banquet and AGM on September 18. Linda Manyguns, Chair of Indigenous Studies at the University of Lethbridge will be our speaker on that evening.

Tickets are $35 each, and are now available at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery. Please see link at right, or events tab for more information.

2019 Nominations Committee Report

Our current slate of nominations, to be voted on at our AGM is as follows

President: Mark Collings

Past President: Bob Lampard

Vice-president: VACANT

Secretary: Paul Gowans

Treasurer: VACANT

Directors at large (alphabetical order)

Gilles Allard

Sheila Bannerman (financial liaison) 4 month term only

Linda Clement

Janet Pennington

Paul Pettypiece (Forth Junction Society representative)

Marguerite Watson

Retiring Board members

We are very sad to say farewell to resigning membership secretary Faye Hughes, who will be greatly missed. Faye has been on the Board since the inception of the Society, in 1995, and has been responsible for managing memberships, leading the phoning committee and placement of advertisements for most of those years.

We will also miss retiring Secretary and Programs Committee co-chair Doris MacKinnon. Doris has been the source of many inspired speaker selections, and her reliable and timely minutes were much appreciated.

Thanks, Faye and Doris.

Thanks, and see you in September!


If you’re interested in our speaker series, publications program, social media, or have some really good ideas, we’d love to have you join us. 

We still have a need for a Treasurer on our Board. This is not a particularly onerous postion as we do not have complicated operations, and all books and accounts are kept up to date and audited annually. The outgoing Treasurer has prepared a short written guide for the treasurer’s position and will be happy to meet with a prospective Treasurer to go over the details. If you would like more information, please call 403-304-0742.

Did you know you can buy or renew your membership online? It’s true!! Just go to the membership link below. 


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