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Change in speakers for April:

We are extremely excited to be able to show a new documentary on the controversial Charles Camsell Hospital, with Edmonton Heritage Council program manager Miranda Jimmy present, to provide context for the documentary and to answer questions.

The release of this documentary is seen as an important step in the dissemination of  truth recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee last year. One of the precepts of the recommendations is that it is through understanding our past that all communities can work together to build new and healthy relationships.

“It (the Camsell) just closed 20 years ago, so it’s still in recent memory for a lot of people,” said Miranda Jimmy, program manager at the Edmonton Heritage Council. “But people don’t often know the history longer than that, (like) the fact that it was one of the largest Indian hospitals in Canada, that it was a segregated health system that ran parallel to residential schools.”

Documentary on the closed Charles Camsell hospital shines light on reconciliation


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